The school aims to impart all-round education to its students, by developing both scholastic and moral values. We aim to create not only successful careers, but also build good and responsible citizens who can do our country proud. In our efforts to provide individual care, we identify the varied and unique needs of each child, thereby harnessing the potential of each student to the hilt. Furthermore, we plan to achieve:-

Ø  Academic Excellence, fostered by ‘Learning through Doing’ philosophy instead of rote-learning.

Ø  Encourage and promote creativity, whilehonouring and harnessing potential of each child.

Ø  Inculcate discipline and direction by practicing self-ownership.

Ø  Arouse in students the spirit of being graceful in victory and gracious in defeat.

Ø  Provide an environment that is conducive for learning and growing.


Ø  Build a sense of team-work and unity in ensuring development of proper social skills.